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Welcome to the Nanomaterials Pathways Portal on WikiPathways

Browse, Draw, Analyze, Download, Publish and Share Nanomaterial Pathways of Your Interest

In the interest of nano systems biology research and to facilitate community-based annotation of biological pathways (metabolic/biochemical, signaling, genetic and gene-interactions) related to nanosafety, we present to you a freely-available platform which allows you to add, edit and download known and novel published pathways relevant to this research.

For new users interested in adding new and editing existing pathways we recommend following the HELP and USER guide.



  • 2023-03-06 - AOP pathway for graphene oxide added (Pathway:WP5336)
  • 2021-04-12 - Daphnia is a model system used to explore effects of nanomaterials. A Portal:Daphnia was started.
  • 2018-04-05 - The list of featured pathways is now a matrix with images.
  • 2017-03-24 - The eNanoMapper deliverable D4.4 describing the portal is now archived at ZENODO.
  • 2016-08-31 - A new pathway was added: "Nanomaterial induced inflammasome activation (Homo sapiens)" (Pathway:WP3890)
  • 2016-04-04 - A new pathway was added: "Lung fibrosis (Homo sapiens)" (Pathway:WP3624)
  • 2015-07-17 - A new pathway was added: "Overview of nanoparticle effects" (Pathway:WP3287)
  • 2014-04-04 - A new pathway was added: "Nanoparticle-mediated activation of receptor signaling" (Pathway:WP2643)
  • 2014-02-19 - This portal is a currently in alpha mode, meaning that it is a draft of what it will look like, and now exists to recruit two or three editors.


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Lung fibrosis (Homo sapiens)

Lung fibrosis
Lung fibrosis
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