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CIRM Stem Cell Pathways

Welcome to the CIRM Portal!

The CIRM Portal at WikiPathways highlights pathway content contributed and maintained by the stem cell research community.

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The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine was created in 2004 by the passage of Proposition 71 with the express goal of speeding the generation of new stem cell-based therapies for disease. The agency funds stem cell research to California universities, not-for-profit research institutions, and for-profit organizations.

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Pathway Initiative

In the new tradition of Wikipedia, WikiPathways is an open, public platform dedicated to the curation of biological pathways by and for the scientific community. We encourage the stem cell community to edit or annotate existing pathways or create new pathways. You can also recommend additional pathways to be included in the stem cell portal.


CIRM Activities

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      TGF-beta receptor signaling (Homo sapiens)

      TGF-beta receptor signaling
      TGF-beta receptor signaling

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