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Your Identity at WikiPathways

  • Your user name will appear on pages you edit, as well as in the edit history of these pages. Your real name (if provided) can be found on you User Page. Your email, however, is not shown to the public unless you choose to share it on your User Page.
  • Your email address and personal information will not be sold/distributed by WikiPathways to a third party.
  • We may share some login information with other sites in order to facilitate common login systems, e.g., with other scientific wikis.
  • Your best defense for preserving your identity at WikiPathways is to have a strong password and to never share it. Your password is the only guarantee of the integrity of your edit history.

Your Contributions to WikiPathways

  • If you contribute to WikiPathways, you are publishing every word you post publicly. If you write something, assume that it will be retained forever. This includes pathways, text, user pages and talk pages.
  • A list of your contributions is always available to the public on your User Page.
  • A summary comparison of your contributions may be used to generate Contribution Scores or other metrics by which we might measure and acknowledge valuable contributions to WikiPathways.
  • You can save pathway information locally on your hard drive using WikiPathways and PathVisio, but beware that it is easy to accidentally save to the public area. If this happens, contact the administrators and we will attempt to delete the content. This is not a guarantee of content privacy.
  • If we provide a "private" editing space for work you intend to keep private, know that we can not guarantee its privacy.
  • Please let us know if any private information is "leaked" and we will attempt to contain it. But, again, this is not a guarantee of content privacy.

Contacting You

  • We may send occasional unsolicited email announcements.
  • We may contact you with regard to specific activity made by your account (e.g., to encourage further contributions or to discourage inappropriate behavior, see our Policies)


  • We automatically gather certain usage information on our server logs including your IP address, what web page you've last visited, the paths you visited, the length of your visit, recent keyword activities, returning visits, recent pageload activity, operating system and platform, and browser.
  • We also use Google Analytics to analyze usage patterns.
  • Log and usage information is used for statistical purposes and not to identify individual users.
  • Log and usage information may be published and presented as generalized figures.


  • A wiki remembers all... Deletions are not complete.
  • Even if we assist in deleting content on your behalf, we can not guarantee that it has not been captured, reproduced or otherwise maintained by another site or individual.

If you have any questions or concerns about privacy at WikiPathways, feel free to contact the administrators privately: AlexanderPico, ThomasKelder.

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