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Welcome to the ExRNA Pathway Portal

This portal highlights pathway content relevant to the extracellular RNA research community.

The Common Fund strategic planning process has developed a program on Extracellular RNA Communication. This program aims to discover fundamental biological principles about the mechanisms of exRNA generation, secretion, and transport; to identify and develop a catalog of exRNA found in normal human body fluids; and to investigate the potential for using exRNAs in the clinic as therapeutic molecules or biomarkers of disease. To find out more about the program, visit exrna.org.

image:exrna-logo-black.png exRNA Research Portal


Pathway Curation

To the right you'll see a rotating display of featured pathways related to external RNA biology. Where did these pathways come from? They came from people like you! The exRNA set of pathways can be edited, fixed and added to using the pathway drawing and annotation tools here at WikiPathways.

Getting Started


Curation projects

  • Contact Alex Pico if interested in curating, adding or using exRNA pathways, [email protected]


Useful Links


Featured Pathways

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