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Welcome to the Plant Pathways Portal on WikiPathways

Browse, Draw, Analyze, Download, Publish and Share Plant Pathways of Your Interest

In the interest of plant research and to facilitate community-based annotation of biological pathways (metabolic/biochemical, signaling, genetic and gene-interactions) in plants, we present to you a freely-available platform which allows you to add, edit and download known and novel published pathways from plants.

For new users interested in adding new and editing existing pathways we recommend following the HELP and USER guide.

This work is a collaboration between WikiPathways, the Jaiswal Lab at Oregon State University, and the Gramene database.

Citation: Hanumappa et al. WikiPathways for plants: a community pathway curation portal and a case study in rice and arabidopsis seed development networks. Rice 2013, 6:14 doi:10.1186/1939-8433-6-14. (View Citation)




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UDP-L-arabinose biosynthesis I from UDP-xylose (Arabidopsis thaliana)

UDP-L-arabinose biosynthesis I from UDP-xylose
UDP-L-arabinose biosynthesis I from UDP-xylose
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