Phosphodiesterases in neuronal function (Homo sapiens)

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1243neuron frontal cortexnucleussynaptic gapLegendrelease of neurotransmitters into synaptic gapbindingstimulationinhibitionNAc/CPUCaMKCilostazolGRIN2DGRIN2CCaffeinePDE?DARPP-32PDE3AGRIN2BL-GlutamateGMPPDE10ARolipramPDE5APDEGCAMPPDE4DDRD1PDE1BADORA2ACREBGRIN2APDE3BAMPAAC PKGCalciumDopamineSildenafilPKACyclic GMPCyclic AMPGRIN1D2L-GlutamateL-GlutamateCyclic AMPDopamineneuron neuron DopaminePDE10APDE4DPDE1BPDE4DL-GlutamateDopaminePKAD2GRIN1GRIN2DGRIN2CGRIN2AGRIN2BAMPA


Phosphodiesterases are enzymes which break phosphodiester bonds and play an importan role in signaling pathways, especially in second messenger pathways which involve cyclic AMP or GMP.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
AC GeneProduct
AMPMetaboliteHMDB03540 (HMDB)
CaMK GeneProduct
CaffeineMetaboliteHMDB01847 (HMDB)
CalciumMetaboliteHMDB00464 (HMDB)
CilostazolMetaboliteHMDB15297 (HMDB)
Cyclic AMPMetaboliteHMDB00058 (HMDB)
Cyclic GMPMetaboliteHMDB01314 (HMDB)
DopamineMetaboliteHMDB00073 (HMDB)
GMPMetaboliteHMDB0001397 (HMDB)
L-GlutamateMetaboliteHMDB60475 (HMDB)
PDE3AGeneProductENSG00000172572 (Ensembl)
PDE3BGeneProductENSG00000152270 (Ensembl)
PDE5AGeneProductENSG00000138735 (Ensembl)
RolipramMetabolite104872 (ChEBI)
SildenafilMetaboliteHMDB05039 (HMDB)

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