Airway smooth muscle cell contraction (Homo sapiens)

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1sarcoplasmic reticulumMuscle contractionBeta agonistsLabelCa2+ channelsaka CP-17Myosin light chain phosphataseinactiveautophosphorylationGEFsMYLGDIPPP1R14AMYLKDAGGNAQGCPRIL13ITPR3cADPRPIP2RhoGAPPKCROCK1VGCCCD38Ca2+MLCPCalmodulinPLCB1IP3PPCa2+MYLPCa2+Ca2+RYRSOCCROCCCa2+Ca2+MLCPPGTPRHOARHOAGDPROCK2ROCK1ROCK2


Signal transduction pathways involved in airway smooth muscle cell contraction. Based on figure 1 from Belaia et al..

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  1. Pelaia G, Renda T, Gallelli L, Vatrella A, Busceti MT, Agati S, Caputi M, Cazzola M, Maselli R, Marsico SA; ''''; , PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
CD38GeneProductENSG00000004468 (Ensembl)
Ca2+MetaboliteCHEBI:29108 (ChEBI)
CalmodulinProteinG3V226 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
DAGMetaboliteCHEBI:18035 (ChEBI)
GCPRGeneProductENSG00000169252 (Ensembl) GPCR
GDIGeneProductENSG00000203879 (Ensembl)
GDPMetaboliteCHEBI:17552 (ChEBI)
GNAQGeneProductENSG00000156052 (Ensembl)
GTPMetaboliteCHEBI:37565 (ChEBI)
IL13ProteinENSG00000169194 (Ensembl)
IP3MetaboliteCHEBI:16595 (ChEBI)
ITPR3GeneProductENSG00000096433 (Ensembl)
MLCPProteinENSG00000213639 (Ensembl)
  • Myosin light chain phosphatase
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MYLGeneProductENSG00000168530 (Ensembl)
MYLKGeneProductENSG00000065534 (Ensembl)
PIP2MetaboliteCHEBI:18348 (ChEBI)
PKCProteinL7RSM7 (Ensembl)
PLCB1GeneProductENSG00000182621 (Ensembl)
PPP1R14AGeneProductENSG00000167641 (Ensembl)
RHOAGeneProductENSG00000067560 (Ensembl)
ROCCComplexreceptor-operated Ca2+ channels
ROCK1GeneProductENSG00000067900 (Ensembl) Rho kinase
ROCK2GeneProductENSG00000134318 (Ensembl) Rho kinase
RYRGeneProductENSG00000196218 (Ensembl)
RhoGAPProteinRho GTPase activating proteins
SOCCComplexstore-operated Ca2+ channels
VGCCComplexvoltage-operated Ca2+ channels
cADPRMetaboliteCHEBI:31445 (ChEBI)

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