Glycine biosynthesis (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

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92999view18:22, 21 July 2017KhanspersModified description
92998view18:22, 21 July 2017Khanspersremoved GenMAPP notes
92889view18:48, 14 July 2017EgonwReplace a CAS number for a totally different compound with the ChEBI ID for L-alanine.
77412view10:51, 6 September 2014EgonwAdded a few more connections.
73547view16:37, 30 January 2014EgonwAdded a few missing metabolite identifiers.
69836view15:17, 11 July 2013EgonwMarked a few DataNodes with CAS registry numbers as metabolites.
69590view20:30, 8 July 2013MaintBotUpdated to 2013 gpml schema
67299view10:33, 26 June 2013Christine ChichesterOntology Term : 'glycine biosynthetic pathway' added !
41816view04:49, 2 March 2011MaintBotRemoved redundant pathway information and comments
21229view11:31, 14 November 2008MaintBot[[Pathway:Saccharomyces cerevisiae:Glycine Biosynthesis]] moved to [[Pathway:WP261]]: Moved to stable identifier
12730view08:00, 17 May 2008MaintBotautomated metabolite conversion
8756view14:08, 7 January 2008MaintBotAdded to category $category
8754view14:08, 7 January 2008J.HeckmanUploaded new pathway

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
5,10-methylene-THFMetabolite31690-11-6 (CAS)
AGX1GeneProductS000001864 (SGD)
GLY1GeneProductS000000772 (SGD)
H2OMetabolite962 (PubChem-compound)
L-alanineMetaboliteCHEBI:16977 (ChEBI)
L-glycineMetabolite56-40-6 (CAS)
L-serineMetabolite56-45-1 (CAS)
L-threonineMetabolite72-19-5 (CAS)
SHM1GeneProductS000000467 (SGD)
SHM2GeneProductS000004048 (SGD)
acetaldehydeMetabolite75-07-0 (CAS)
glyoxylateMetabolite3614358 (PubChem-compound)
pyruvateMetabolite107735 (PubChem-compound)

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