Mitochondrial unfolded-protein response (Caenorhabditis elegans)

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3, 7, 9555666622885841, 2, 6281681Protein Conformational Stress (Unfolded Proteins)Mitochondrial ChaperonesTranslocation, change of state, translationDirect or indirect stimulationLEGENDMitochondrionNucleusATFS-1ClpX-likeProtease/(D2030.2)UBL-5GSP-1eIF2-alpha(Y37E3.10)ATFS-1 FragmentsGCN-2Protein FragmentsClpX-likeProtease/(K07A3.3)HAF-1Lon Protease/ C34B2.6TOMM-40HSP-6hsp-60TIMM-23Unfolded ProteinsSPG-7Ethidium BromideDVE-1dnj-10PHB-2HSP-60Paraquathsp-6CLPP-184, 5ATFS-1ATFS-1HSP-60HSP-6eIF2-alpha(Y37E3.10)translationProtein FragmentsMitochondrial ChaperonesDVE-1UBL-5Mitochondrial Chaperone Genes661, 6P1, 51Direct or indirect inhibition1CatalysisGene Transcription


"Mitochondria are required for numerous essential metabolic processes including the regulation of apoptosis; therefore, proper maintenance of the mitochondrial proteome is crucial. The protein-folding environment in mitochondria is challenged by organelle architecture, the presence of reactive oxygen species and the difficulties associated with assembly of the electron transport chain, which consists of components encoded by both the mitochondrial and the nuclear genomes. Mitochondria have dedicated molecular chaperones and proteases that promote proper protein folding, complex assembly and quality control. Work in cultured mammalian cells and Caenorhabditis elegans has yielded clues to the mechanisms linking perturbations in the protein-folding environment in the mitochondrial matrix to the expression of nuclear genes encoding mitochondrial proteins. Here, we review the current knowledge of this mitochondrial unfolded protein response (UPRmt), compare it with the better understood UPR of the endoplasmic reticulum and highlight its potential impact on development and disease." (Haynes and Ron 2010)

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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ATFS-1 FragmentsMetaboliteCHEBI:16670 (ChEBI)
ATFS-1ProteinZC376.7 (WormBase)
CLPP-1ProteinZK970.2 (WormBase)
ClpX-likeProtease/(D2030.2)GeneProductWBGene00008412 (Ensembl)
ClpX-likeProtease/(K07A3.3)GeneProductWBGene00019461 (Ensembl)
DVE-1GeneProductZK1193.5 (WormBase)
Ethidium BromideMetaboliteCHEBI:4883 (ChEBI)
GCN-2ProteinY81G3A.3 (WormBase)
GSP-1GeneProductF29F11.6 (WormBase) gsp-1 encodes a protein phosphatase homologous to the yeast phosphatase required for eIF2-alpha dephosphorylation.
HAF-1ProteinC30H6.6 (WormBase) haf-1, a gene encoding a mitochondria-localized ATP-binding cassestte protein, is required for signaling within the mitochondrial unfolded protein response (UPTmt) and for coping with misfolded protein stress. Peptide efflux from isolated mitochondria was ATP dependent and required HAF-1 and the protease ClpP.
HSP-60ProteinY22D7AL.5 (WormBase)
HSP-6ProteinC37H5.8 (WormBase)
Lon Protease/ C34B2.6GeneProductC34B2.6 (WormBase)
PHB-2ProteinT24H7.1 (WormBase) PHB-2, along with PHB-1, forms the mitochondrial inner membrane Prohibitin complex which is implicated in assembly of components of the respiratory chain.
ParaquatMetaboliteCHEBI:34905 (ChEBI)
Protein FragmentsMetaboliteCHEBI:16670 (ChEBI)
SPG-7ProteinY47G6A.10 (WormBase)
TIMM-23GeneProduct173041 (Entrez Gene)
TOMM-40ProteinC18E9.6 (WormBase)
UBL-5ProteinF46F11.4 (WormBase)
Unfolded ProteinsProtein
dnj-10GeneProductF22B7.5 (WormBase)
eIF2-alpha(Y37E3.10)GeneProductWBGene00021351 (Ensembl)
hsp-60GeneProductY22D7AL.5 (WormBase)
hsp-6GeneProductC37H5.8 (WormBase)
translationPathwayGO:0006412 (GeneOntology)

Annotated Interactions

SourceTargetTypeDatabase referenceComment
mim-stimulationWBInteraction000520482 (WormBase)
  • Activation of the UPRmt correlates with enhanced binding of DVE-1 to the promoters of mitochondrial chaperone genes. DVE-1 was found to bind the hsp-6 and hsp-60 gene promoters by Chromatin ImmunoPrecipitation (ChIP).
  • ubl-5 RNAi results in diminished expression of an hsp-6::GFP reporter and endogenous hsp-6. dve-1 RNAi also disrupts induction of endogenous hsp-6 expression induced by spg-7 RNAi, as determined by QRT-PCR.
  • RNAi knockdown of dve-1 prevents expression of a Phsp-60::GFP reporter transgene in response to the zc32 allele at 25 degrees Celsius, spg-7 RNAi, or exposure to Ethidium Bromide (all known to induce UPRmt and, hence, hsp-60 expression). dve-1 RNAi also disrupts induction of endogenous hsp-60 expression induced by spg-7 RNAi, as determined by QRT-PCR. ubl-5 RNAi results in diminished expression of an hsp-60::GFP reporter and endogenous hsp-60.
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