Neural crest development (Danio rerio)

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1, 2, 5, 6neural crest specifiersmelanin synthesisInduction signalsiridophoresbranchial archespteridin syntesisglianeural plate border specifiersenteric neuronspigmentationqdprawnt8adlx5amsxepax3aslc45a2oca2pcbd1zic3kitasilvabcmo1sox9bdlx4bltkret1dlx3bplp1bmbpgchfrdlx2asilvbegr2bsprapax7azic2asox10dlx3bbmp7ambzphox2bmsxbptstyrsnai1bcsf1rmsxcdctmitfazic5qdprb1kitbplp1atwist1bfoxd3bmp2bzic1zic2bednrb1tfap2amycatyrp1bdlx4bgch2slc24a5id2aaox3dlx1atwist1apahdlx4abmp7b43


This pathway displays genes required for different processes in neural crest development. It is based on genetic and signaling interactions.

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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
aox3GeneProduct64265 (Entrez Gene)
bcmo1GeneProduct84039 (Entrez Gene)
bmp2bGeneProduct30632 (Entrez Gene)
bmp7aGeneProduct30584 (Entrez Gene)
bmp7bGeneProduct557567 (Entrez Gene)
csf1rGeneProduct64274 (Entrez Gene)
dctGeneProduct58074 (Entrez Gene)
dlx1aGeneProduct30568 (Entrez Gene)
dlx2aGeneProduct30574 (Entrez Gene)
dlx3bGeneProduct30585 (Entrez Gene)
dlx4aGeneProduct30561 (Entrez Gene)
dlx4bGeneProduct30581 (Entrez Gene)
dlx5aGeneProduct30569 (Entrez Gene)
ednrb1GeneProduct30442 (Entrez Gene)
egr2bGeneProduct30190 (Entrez Gene)
foxd3GeneProduct30548 (Entrez Gene)
gch2GeneProduct64263 (Entrez Gene)
gchfrGeneProduct393735 (Entrez Gene)
id2aGeneProduct266599 (Entrez Gene)
kitaGeneProduct30256 (Entrez Gene)
kitbGeneProduct497629 (Entrez Gene)
ltkGeneProduct564470 (Entrez Gene)
mbpGeneProduct326281 (Entrez Gene)
mbzGeneProduct114417 (Entrez Gene)
mitfaGeneProduct30080 (Entrez Gene)
msxbGeneProduct30511 (Entrez Gene)
msxcGeneProduct30526 (Entrez Gene)
msxeGeneProduct30527 (Entrez Gene)
mycaGeneProduct30686 (Entrez Gene)
oca2GeneProduct567419 (Entrez Gene)
pahGeneProduct378962 (Entrez Gene)
pax3aGeneProduct30532 (Entrez Gene)
pax7aGeneProduct30587 (Entrez Gene)
pcbd1GeneProduct393787 (Entrez Gene)
phox2bGeneProduct544654 (Entrez Gene)
plp1aGeneProduct64264 (Entrez Gene)
plp1bGeneProduct368234 (Entrez Gene)
ptsGeneProduct100073330 (Entrez Gene)
qdpraGeneProduct566323 (Entrez Gene)
qdprb1GeneProduct791448 (Entrez Gene)
ret1GeneProduct30512 (Entrez Gene)
silvaGeneProduct321239 (Entrez Gene)
silvbGeneProduct562810 (Entrez Gene)
slc24a5GeneProduct570312 (Entrez Gene)
slc45a2GeneProduct558311 (Entrez Gene)
snai1bGeneProduct30182 (Entrez Gene)
sox10GeneProduct140616 (Entrez Gene)
sox9bGeneProduct60642 (Entrez Gene)
spraGeneProduct554136 (Entrez Gene)
tfap2aGeneProduct140618 (Entrez Gene)
twist1aGeneProduct30175 (Entrez Gene)
twist1bGeneProduct550518 (Entrez Gene)
tyrGeneProduct30207 (Entrez Gene)
tyrp1bGeneProduct437022 (Entrez Gene)
wnt8aGeneProduct30122 (Entrez Gene)
zic1GeneProduct30096 (Entrez Gene)
zic2aGeneProduct58077 (Entrez Gene)
zic2bGeneProduct570746 (Entrez Gene)
zic3GeneProduct368263 (Entrez Gene)
zic5GeneProduct403041 (Entrez Gene)

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