Flower development (Arabidopsis thaliana)

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1PetalUpregulationStamenCarpelABC-modelDownregulationSepalFTPICLFAP2SEP-2FULSEP-1A = AP1B = AP3AP1C = AGLFYTFL1WUSUFOAGAP3LUGEMF1SEP-3


Based on a boolean genetic model of floral tissue development.

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  1. Espinosa-Soto C, Padilla-Longoria P, Alvarez-Buylla ER; ''A gene regulatory network model for cell-fate determination during Arabidopsis thaliana flower development that is robust and recovers experimental gene expression profiles.''; Plant Cell, 2004 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
A = AP1GeneProductAT1G69120 (TAIR)
AGGeneProductAT4G18960 (TAIR)
AP1GeneProductAT1G69120 (TAIR)
AP2GeneProductAT4G36920 (TAIR)
AP3GeneProductAT3G54340 (TAIR)
B = AP3GeneProductAT3G54340 (TAIR)
C = AGGeneProductAT4G18960 (TAIR)
CLFGeneProductAT2G23380 (TAIR)
EMF1GeneProductAT5G11530 (TAIR)
FTGeneProductAT1G65480 (TAIR)
FULGeneProductAT5G60910 (TAIR)
LFYGeneProductAT5G61850 (TAIR)
LUGGeneProductAT4G32551 (TAIR)
PIGeneProductAT5G20240 (TAIR)
SEP-1GeneProductAT5G15800 (TAIR)
SEP-2GeneProductAT3G02310 (TAIR)
SEP-3GeneProductAT1G24260 (TAIR)
TFL1GeneProductAT5G03840 (TAIR)
UFOGeneProductAT1G30950 (TAIR)
WUSGeneProductAT2G17950 (TAIR)

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