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Web Services for WikiPathways

WikiPathways can be accessed programmatically through a REST web service. These services provide powerful means to query, access and interact with the pathway content at WikiPathways.


API Reference

See the Swagger page for a list of available web service functions and data structures.

Java libraries

You can get a high-level API to the WikiPathways web service here: source compiled binaries (choose the most recent wikipathways_client_bin-*).

Working with GPML

The pathways on WikiPathways are stored in the GPML format. This is an XML format and can be processed in any programming language. See here for the GPML specification. If you are developing in Java, we recommend using our Java libraries.


Below is a short list of libraries for popular programming languages that might help you work with the WikiPathways web service.

  • R: The rWikiPathways package with vignettes at bioconductor.
  • Java: Java API client with code examples at github.
  • Perl: Perl API client with code examples at github.
  • Php: Example scripts at github.
  • Python: Python API client with code examples at github.

Other Examples


This blog post contains an example of how to use the WikiPathways webservice in Groovy.

How to cite

Kelder T, Pico AR, Hanspers K, van Iersel MP, Evelo C, Conklin BR. (2009) Mining Biological Pathways Using WikiPathways Web Services. PLoS ONE 4(7): doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0006447

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