Acetylcholine synthesis (Homo sapiens)

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1Synaptic cleftCytosolCHKAAcetylcholineCytidine diphosphate cholinePDHA2CHATAcetyl CoAPCYT1ACholinePDHA1ACHEPhosphatidylethanolaminePhosphorylcholinePEMTAcetateGlycerophosphocholinePyruvatePhosphatidylcholineCholineGlycolysis


Acetylcholine is an important neurotransmitter. It can be rapidly released in the synaptic cleft upon activation of the neuron. In the synaptic cleft the compound is degraded rapidly into choline and acetate, this is essential for proper neuronal functioning. Choline and Acetate are taken up into the cytosol and recycled for the next activation.

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  1. Blusztajn JK, Wurtman RJ; ''Choline and cholinergic neurons.''; Science, 1983 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ACHEGeneProduct43 (Entrez Gene)
AcetateMetabolite64-19-7 (CAS)
Acetyl CoAMetabolite72-89-9 (CAS)
AcetylcholineMetabolite51-84-3 (CAS)
CHATGeneProduct1103 (Entrez Gene)
CHKAGeneProduct1119 (Entrez Gene)
CholineMetabolite62-49-7 (CAS)
Cytidine diphosphate cholineMetaboliteHMDB0001413 (HMDB)
GlycerophosphocholineMetabolite28319-77-9 (CAS)
GlycolysisPathwayWP534 (WikiPathways)
PCYT1AGeneProduct5130 (Entrez Gene)
PDHA1GeneProduct5160 (Entrez Gene)
PDHA2GeneProduct5161 (Entrez Gene)
PEMTGeneProduct10400 (Entrez Gene)
PhosphatidylcholineMetaboliteHMDB0000564 (HMDB)
PhosphatidylethanolamineMetaboliteHMDB0060501 (HMDB)
PhosphorylcholineMetaboliteHMDB0001565 (HMDB)
PyruvateMetaboliteHMDB0000243 (HMDB)

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