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I hereby elect to apply CC0 to all my contributions to WikiPathways.

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My WikiPathways

Pathways of Interest

Diseases in Pathways:


  • Metabolism of Spingolipids[1][2]
  • Biosynthesis and regeneration of tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4) and catabolism of phenylalanine, including diseases[3]

Honours+ project:

  • Neurotransmitter diseases [4]
  • Vitamin B-6-dependent and responsive pathway [5]
  • Disorders in Purine [6] and pyrimidine [7] metabolism
  • Disorders of the Krebs Cycle [8]
  • Methionine metabolism and related diseases [9]

Interns FHML projects:

  • Folate metabolism and releated disorders [10] and related MTHFR deficiency [11]
  • Thiamine metabolic pathway ans related diseases [12]

Mitochondrial (dis)functioning:

  • Electron transport chain [13]
  • Complex I assembly [14]

Systems Pharmacology related Pathways:

  • Mevalonate arm of cholesterol biosynthesis pathway[15] with inhibitors[16]

Pathways related to Forensic Science:

  • Cocaine metabolism[17]
  • GHB metabolic pathway[18]
  • GABA receptor signaling[19]
  • Cannabinoid receptor signaling[20]
  • Metabolism of THC [21]
  • Nicotine metabolism [22]
  • Codeine and Morphine metabolism [23]



About Me

  • Real name: Denise Slenter
  • Work: PhD student chem/bio/informatics @UM/BiGCaT
  • Location: Maastricht
  • Professional Interests: metabolic pathways, pathway enrichment and metabolomics data
  • Contact: [email protected]
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