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January 1, 2020

Twelve years ago we launched WikiPathways as the first community curated pathway database committed to open science principles, which are now well summarized by the FAIR standards. We started with high-quality pathway models inherited from the GenMAPP project, which had already been running for 7 years. We labeled the project at the start as “beta” to express the rapid development cycle and the long list of planned features to extend the core functionality. We identified over 60 target features and services, which spanned everything from establishing web services, tutorials, and third-party tool support to maturing closely associated projects like BridgeDb and PathVisio. These features and services have been completed, tested and released into production. In fact, many of them have already established a role in modern research. Our monthly release of approved pathways has been integrated into tools like Enrichr, NDEx, and WebGestalt. WikiPathways web services are regularly used as part of omics workflows by Cytoscape users as well as other academic and industry users.

While development will continue as always, the current WikiPathways site and content are stable, reliable resources continually curated in collaboration with a network of expert communities. As of the posting of this letter on the first of January 2020, we proudly announce that WikiPathways is officially no longer in beta. Please find our new logo and update any references or sites accordingly.

Thanks for your support in building and using WikiPathways!

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