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These are the DOs and DON'Ts for all visitors and contributors to WikiPathways. The policies cover issues of copyright, conduct and contributions. Your observance of these policies will promote a healthy, effective and law-abiding community here at WikiPathways.

Policy on Content

Policy on Editing

  • Perfection is not required. It is OK to submit partial pathways, since the idea behind WikiPathways is to encourage community editing. However, always try to make any WikiPathways submission as complete as possible with annotations and literature references.
  • No vandalism. Vandalism includes any edits made to deliberately compromise content.
  • No personal attacks of any kind.
  • Deleting pathways can be done by WikiPathways administrators, or by an individual author if the author is the only author on the pathway. If you know of a pathway you think should be deleted, contact the administrators and state your reasons for deletion.
  • WikiPathways does not allow spam or advertisements. Content of this nature will be deleted promptly.
  • WikiPathways enforces no firm editing rules. A set of editing guidelines are available as suggestions.

Policy on Conduct

  • WikiPathways code of conduct: if there is a disagreement over a certain change, communicate respectfully with your peers using the discussion pages. Let facts (supported by references) guide the discussion rather than subjective opinions.
  • WikiPathways administrators reserve the right to indefinitely block users who:
    • vandalize the site with content or behavior that is deemed unconstructive
    • appear to be an unauthorized bot or non-human entity
    • do not provide sufficient account information to identify themselves (e.g., email or real name)

Guidelines for Contributors

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