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1DNA / transcriptionmesodermbmp-related1,2 diacylglycerolTranscriptionfgf 3,8,17bMitochondrial Pathway of Apoptosisinhibitorsfgf + other pathwayfgf + NODALDNAendodermother MAPKsfin outgrowth (fgf10)nodal related genesfeed back transcriptionNodalnRASfgf20a#PKC / itpkc#fgf16#usf2fosSP8lcasanova / sox32gbx1snai1b#fgf13laRAFlelk4 / sap1fgf10bcdh1jnk1 / MAPK8egr2bsrfjunbElk-1tbx16fgfrl1a#fgf6brafkRASacreb1amapkapk5sh3gl3SAPK3 / ERK6fgf11#sipfgf18adusp1 / MKP1MNK1 / MKNK1fgf2fgfr1fgf23tak1fgf22#flhsef / il17rdPTP1bspry4gbx2ERK2 / mapk1ntlspry-rp1#mkk4spry2fgfrl1batf7agrb2mkp3 / dusp6fgf20b#etv5bcmycaatf3rasgrf2fgf12#PLC-gamma#il17rd / seffgfr4sos1egr2arps6kalfgf17bets1bjunRaseIF4EBsp1eEF2KmycnSP8egr1pcdh8AP-1gata5nr2f5p38b / MAPK14bmek1lmapkapk2sox17fgf24ptpn11asox32 / caschchfgf8fgf10fgfr3Badtbx6sh3gl2pea3Tpl-2erk5 / MAPK7fgf13fgf7mkk3fgf19#arafsh3glb2sh3glb2snai1afgfr1op2bmp4mek2lets1aSP9fgf17adusp6 / mkp3sh3gl1spry-rp1#fgf3RAF1lfgf5gscMNK2 / MKNK2mosspry2chrdsnai2atf7batf2l#fgf4p38a / MAPK14afgf1fgf21rps6kb1cPLA2fgf14#fgfr2sox17FRS2fgf18bcblrps6ka3aspry4sh3glb1elk3Calciumshcbp1 / shcERK1 / mapk3eIF4EaPPPPPcreb1bP


Fibroblast growth factors, or FGFs, are a family of growth factors, with members involved in angiogenesis, wound healing, embryonic development and various endocrine signaling pathways. The FGFs are heparin-binding proteins and interactions with cell-surface-associated heparan sulfate proteoglycans have been shown to be essential for FGF signal transduction. FGFs are key players in the processes of proliferation and differentiation of wide variety of cells and tissues. Source: Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fibroblast_growth_factor)


GenMAPP remarks 
# = not represented in Agilent zebrafish 22k oligo set

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  1. Krens SF, Corredor-Adamez M, He S, Snaar-Jagalska BE, Spaink HP; ''ERK1 and ERK2 MAPK are key regulators of distinct gene sets in zebrafish embryogenesis.''; BMC Genomics, 2008 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
BadGeneProduct58100 (Entrez Gene)
CalciumMetaboliteHMDB0000464 (HMDB)
ERK1 / mapk3GeneProduct399480 (Entrez Gene)
ERK2 / mapk1GeneProduct360144 (Entrez Gene)
FRS2GeneProductENSDARG00000037353 (Ensembl)
MNK1 / MKNK1GeneProduct
MNK2 / MKNK2GeneProduct373121 (Entrez Gene)
PKC / itpkc#GeneProduct334077 (Entrez Gene) inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate 3-kinase C
PLC-gamma#GeneProduct373867 (Entrez Gene)
PTP1bGeneProduct30081 (Entrez Gene)
RAF1lGeneProduct557109 (Entrez Gene) raf1b
SAPK3 / ERK6GeneProduct30681 (Entrez Gene)
SP8GeneProduct321264 (Entrez Gene)
SP8lGeneProduct324931 (Entrez Gene)
SP9GeneProduct405896 (Entrez Gene)
aRAFlGeneProduct403063 (Entrez Gene)
arafGeneProductENSDARG00000054533 (Ensembl)
atf2l#GeneProduct378449 (Entrez Gene)
atf3GeneProduct393939 (Entrez Gene)
atf7aGeneProductENSDARG00000011298 (Ensembl)
atf7bGeneProduct568197 (Entrez Gene)
bmp4GeneProduct30612 (Entrez Gene)
brafGeneProduct403065 (Entrez Gene)
cPLA2GeneProductENSDARG00000024546 (Ensembl)
casanova / sox32GeneProduct116990 (Entrez Gene)
cblGeneProductENSDARG00000009958 (Ensembl)
cdh1GeneProduct114424 (Entrez Gene)
chrdGeneProduct30161 (Entrez Gene) alias chd
creb1aGeneProductENSDARG00000053586 (Ensembl)
creb1bGeneProductENSDARG00000093420 (Ensembl)
dusp1 / MKP1GeneProduct406340 (Entrez Gene)
dusp6 / mkp3GeneProduct353314 (Entrez Gene)
eEF2KGeneProduct437013 (Entrez Gene)
eIF4EBGeneProduct30738 (Entrez Gene)
eIF4EaGeneProduct79380 (Entrez Gene)
egr1GeneProduct30498 (Entrez Gene)
egr2aGeneProduct368241 (Entrez Gene)
egr2bGeneProduct30190 (Entrez Gene)
elk3GeneProductENSDARG00000077092 (Ensembl)
elk4 / sap1GeneProductENSDARG00000077092 (Ensembl)
erk5 / MAPK7GeneProduct541323 (Entrez Gene)
ets1aGeneProduct280651 (Entrez Gene)
ets1bGeneProductENSDARG00000053868 (Ensembl)
etv5bGeneProductENSDARG00000044511 (Ensembl)
fgf10GeneProduct359830 (Entrez Gene)
fgf10bGeneProductZDB-GENE-060828-1 (ZFIN)
fgf11#GeneProduct497640 (Entrez Gene)
fgf12#GeneProduct497641 (Entrez Gene)
fgf13GeneProduct492758 (Entrez Gene)
fgf1GeneProduct393733 (Entrez Gene)
fgf13lGeneProduct403003 (Entrez Gene)
fgf14#GeneProduct497642 (Entrez Gene)
fgf16#GeneProduct692065 (Entrez Gene)
fgf17aGeneProduct65089 (Entrez Gene)
fgf17bGeneProduct407737 (Entrez Gene)
fgf18aGeneProductENSDARG00000088048 (Ensembl)
fgf18bGeneProductENSDARG00000043962 (Ensembl)
fgf19#GeneProduct368245 (Entrez Gene)
fgf20a#GeneProduct559630 (Entrez Gene)
fgf20b#GeneProduct564770 (Entrez Gene)
fgf21GeneProductENSDARG00000100846 (Ensembl)
fgf22#GeneProduct556999 (Entrez Gene)
fgf23GeneProduct494456 (Entrez Gene)
fgf24GeneProduct359831 (Entrez Gene)
fgf2GeneProductENSDARG00000075031 (Ensembl)
fgf3GeneProduct30549 (Entrez Gene)
fgf4GeneProduct60311 (Entrez Gene)
fgf5GeneProduct494454 (Entrez Gene)
fgf6GeneProduct30560 (Entrez Gene)
fgf7GeneProduct493181 (Entrez Gene)
fgf8GeneProduct30538 (Entrez Gene)
fgfr1GeneProduct30705 (Entrez Gene)
fgfr1op2GeneProduct335511 (Entrez Gene)
fgfr2GeneProductENSDARG00000058115 (Ensembl)
fgfr3GeneProduct58129 (Entrez Gene)
fgfr4GeneProduct30706 (Entrez Gene)
fgfrl1a#GeneProduct393347 (Entrez Gene)
fgfrl1bGeneProduct497135 (Entrez Gene)
flhGeneProduct30260 (Entrez Gene)
fosGeneProduct394198 (Entrez Gene)
gata5GeneProduct30482 (Entrez Gene)
gbx1GeneProduct142985 (Entrez Gene)
gbx2GeneProduct245948 (Entrez Gene)
grb2GeneProduct406308 (Entrez Gene)
gscGeneProduct30212 (Entrez Gene)
il17rd / sefGeneProduct171474 (Entrez Gene)
jnk1 / MAPK8GeneProduct65236 (Entrez Gene)
junGeneProduct327321 (Entrez Gene)
junbGeneProduct407086 (Entrez Gene)
kRASaGeneProduct393228 (Entrez Gene)
mapkapk2GeneProduct327321 (Entrez Gene)
mapkapk5GeneProduct436608 (Entrez Gene)
mek1lGeneProduct406728 (Entrez Gene)
mek2lGeneProduct563181 (Entrez Gene)
mkk3GeneProduct65239 (Entrez Gene)
mkk4GeneProduct403052 (Entrez Gene)
mkp3 / dusp6GeneProduct353314 (Entrez Gene)
mosGeneProduct402817 (Entrez Gene)
mycnGeneProduct252851 (Entrez Gene)
nRASGeneProduct30380 (Entrez Gene)
nr2f5GeneProduct30427 (Entrez Gene) the original source is Craf (Dr:22) which links to nr2f5 Entrez Gene ID 30427, but craf (name) is recorded as alias for raf1a ID 30716
ntlGeneProduct30399 (Entrez Gene)
p38a / MAPK14aGeneProduct65237 (Entrez Gene)
p38b / MAPK14bGeneProduct266756 (Entrez Gene)
pcdh8GeneProductENSDARG00000006467 (Ensembl)
pea3GeneProductENSDARG00000018303 (Ensembl)
ptpn11aGeneProductENSDARG00000020334 (Ensembl)
rasgrf2GeneProductENSDARG00000002816 (Ensembl)
rps6ka3aGeneProduct338219 (Entrez Gene) Changed from rps6ka3# to rps6ka3a - the original UniGene ID Dr.21039 links now to human olfactory receptor
rps6kalGeneProduct337670 (Entrez Gene)
rps6kb1GeneProduct406349 (Entrez Gene)
sef / il17rdGeneProductENSDARG00000038843 (Ensembl)
sh3gl1GeneProduct378838 (Entrez Gene)
sh3gl2GeneProduct394091 (Entrez Gene)
sh3gl3GeneProduct393150 (Entrez Gene)
sh3glb1GeneProduct334911 (Entrez Gene)
sh3glb2GeneProduct394094 (Entrez Gene)
sh3glb2GeneProduct402885 (Entrez Gene)
shcbp1 / shcGeneProductENSDARG00000102068 (Ensembl)
sipGeneProductENSDARG00000015638 (Ensembl)
snai1aGeneProductENSDARG00000056995 (Ensembl)
snai1b#GeneProduct30182 (Entrez Gene)
snai2GeneProduct494038 (Entrez Gene)
sos1GeneProductENSDARG00000100503 (Ensembl)
sox17GeneProduct30544 (Entrez Gene)
sox32 / casGeneProduct116990 (Entrez Gene)
sp1GeneProductENSDARG00000088347 (Ensembl)
spry-rp1#GeneProduct336135 (Entrez Gene)
spry-rp1#GeneProduct336584 (Entrez Gene)
spry2GeneProduct335098 (Entrez Gene)
spry4GeneProduct114437 (Entrez Gene)
srfGeneProductENSDARG00000053918 (Ensembl)
tak1GeneProduct553788 (Entrez Gene)
tbx16GeneProductENSDARG00000007329 (Ensembl)
tbx6GeneProduct30254 (Entrez Gene)
usf2GeneProductENSDARG00000014463 (Ensembl)

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