Biogenic amine synthesis (Danio rerio)

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1Serotonin5-Hydroxy-tryptophanAcetylserotoninPhenylalanineL-DOPACOMTAcetylcholineHistamineGlutamateGABADopamineTyrosineTryptophaneEpinephrineHistidineNorepinephrineMelatoninSynthesis pathways for biogenic amines (in blue)follow solid arrows through enzymatic steps, while degradation steps follow the dashed arrows.CholineHDCaanat1gad1MAOAPNMTachepahCOMTazgc:112198ddcCHATCOMPTbTHMAOAddcDBHASMTtph1ddc


Biogenic amines are one of two broad classes of classical neurotransmitters (the other being amino acids) and include: acetylcholine, serotonin, histamine, and the catecholamines epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine. Synthesis pathways for biogenic amines (in blue) follow solid arrows through enzymatic steps, while degradation steps follow the dashed arrows. Source:

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  1. Purves, Dale, Augustine, George J., Fitzpatrick, David, Katz, Lawrence C., LaMantia, Anthony-Samuel, McNamara, James O., Williams, S. Mark.; ''Neuroscience'';, 2001


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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
5-Hydroxy-tryptophanMetaboliteCHEBI:17780 (ChEBI)
ASMTGeneProductENSDARG00000098249 (Ensembl)
AcetylcholineMetaboliteCHEBI:15355 (ChEBI)
AcetylserotoninMetaboliteQ4847704 (Wikidata)
CHATGeneProduct100170938 (Entrez Gene)
COMPTbGeneProductENSDARG00000078918 (Ensembl)
COMTaGeneProductENSDARG00000015337 (Ensembl)
CholineMetaboliteCHEBI:15354 (ChEBI)
DBHGeneProduct30505 (Entrez Gene)
DopamineMetaboliteCHEBI:18243 (ChEBI)
EpinephrineMetaboliteQ132621 (Wikidata)
GABAMetaboliteQ210021 (Wikidata)
GlutamateMetaboliteCHEBI:14321 (ChEBI)
HDCGeneProduct793609 (Entrez Gene)
HistamineMetaboliteCHEBI:58432 (ChEBI)
HistidineMetaboliteCHEBI:27570 (ChEBI)
L-DOPAMetaboliteCHEBI:15765 (ChEBI)
MelatoninMetaboliteCHEBI:16796 (ChEBI)
NorepinephrineMetaboliteCHEBI:33569 (ChEBI)
PNMTGeneProductNot in BridgeDb?!
PhenylalanineMetaboliteCHEBI:17295 (ChEBI)
SerotoninMetaboliteCHEBI:28790 (ChEBI)
THGeneProduct30384 (Entrez Gene)
TryptophaneMetaboliteCHEBI:27897 (ChEBI)
TyrosineMetaboliteCHEBI:18186 (ChEBI)
aanat1GeneProduct393677 (Entrez Gene)
acheGeneProduct114549 (Entrez Gene)
ddcGeneProduct406651 (Entrez Gene)
gad1GeneProduct378441 (Entrez Gene)
pahGeneProduct378962 (Entrez Gene)
tph1GeneProduct352943 (Entrez Gene)
zgc:112198GeneProduct550403 (Entrez Gene)

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