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Simplified PDGFR-beta pathway, based on figure 7B from Zhang et al: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27372738

Platelet-derived growth factor receptors (PDGFR) are cell surface tyrosine kinase receptors for members of the platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) family. PDGF subunits -A and -B are important factors regulating cell proliferation, cellular differentiation, cell growth, development and many diseases including cancer. There are two forms of the PDGFR, alpha and beta each encoded by a different gene. Depending on which growth factor is bound, PDGFR homo- or heterodimerizes. Source: Wikipedia

Protein phosphorylation sites were added based on information from PhosphoSitePlus (R), www.phosphosite.org.

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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ELK1GeneProductENSG00000126767 (Ensembl)
ERK1GeneProductENSG00000102882 (Ensembl)
FOSGeneProductENSG00000170345 (Ensembl)
GRB1GeneProductENSG00000145675 (Ensembl)
GRB2GeneProductENSG00000177885 (Ensembl)
HRASGeneProductENSG00000174775 (Ensembl)
JAK1GeneProductENSG00000162434 (Ensembl)
JAK2GeneProductENSG00000096968 (Ensembl)
JNK1GeneProductENSG00000107643 (Ensembl)
JNKK1GeneProductENSG00000065559 (Ensembl)
JUNGeneProductENSG00000177606 (Ensembl)
MEK1GeneProductENSG00000169032 (Ensembl)
MEKKGeneProductENSG00000095015 (Ensembl)
PDGFRBGeneProductENSG00000113721 (Ensembl)
PIK3CAGeneProductENSG00000121879 (Ensembl)
PKRGeneProductENSG00000055332 (Ensembl)
PLCG1GeneProductENSG00000124181 (Ensembl)
PRKCAGeneProductENSG00000154229 (Ensembl)
PRKCBGeneProductENSG00000166501 (Ensembl)
RAF1GeneProductENSG00000132155 (Ensembl)
RASA1GeneProductENSG00000145715 (Ensembl)
SHC1GeneProductENSG00000160691 (Ensembl)
SOS1GeneProductENSG00000115904 (Ensembl)
SRFGeneProductENSG00000112658 (Ensembl)
STAT1GeneProductENSG00000115415 (Ensembl)
STAT3GeneProductENSG00000168610 (Ensembl)
STAT5AGeneProductENSG00000126561 (Ensembl)
STAT5BGeneProductENSG00000173757 (Ensembl)
STAT6GeneProductENSG00000166888 (Ensembl)

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