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The Ebola virus (EBOV) pathway represents the virus infection on humans, depicted from the left to the right of the picture. The initial targets are macrophages and dendritic cells, but the virus has tropism to infect all kinds of cells, with the exception of lymphocytes. Here we represent all cells in general within one diagram.

Ebola attaches to the plasma membrane and after that, a viral glycoprotein induces penetration by endocytosis. This process is made by membrane proteins. During the penetration, its particles travel in compartments where viral glycoproteins are cleaved and fused to the endosomal membrane, which results in the uncoating of viral particles into the cell's cytoplasm. The virus then begins replicating and down-regulating the host's immune response. During the release process, the newly-created viruses are released from host cells, either by causing them to break apart, by waiting for their death, or by budding off through their membrane. Depending on the type of infected cell some trans-infection could happen.

This pathway was built using a text-mining approach to obtain interactions between genes related to this process. To our knowledge, it is the first comprehensive pathway depicting the Ebola pathway to date.

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