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Oxidative phosphorylation is the process in which ATP is formed as a result of the transfer of electrons from NADH or FADH2 to O2 by a series of electron carriers. This process, which takes place in mitochondria, is the major source of ATP in aerobic organisms. [1] Proteins on this pathway have targeted assays available via the CPTAC Assay Portal

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ADPMetaboliteHMDB0001341 (HMDB)
AQDQGeneProduct4724 (Entrez Gene)
ASHIGeneProduct4714 (Entrez Gene)
ATP5A1GeneProduct498 (Entrez Gene)
ATP5BGeneProduct506 (Entrez Gene)
ATP5DGeneProduct513 (Entrez Gene)
ATP5EGeneProduct514 (Entrez Gene)
ATP5F1GeneProduct515 (Entrez Gene)
ATP5G1GeneProduct516 (Entrez Gene)
ATP5G2GeneProduct517 (Entrez Gene)
ATP5G3GeneProduct518 (Entrez Gene)
ATP5HGeneProduct10476 (Entrez Gene)
ATP5IGeneProduct521 (Entrez Gene)
ATP5J2GeneProduct9551 (Entrez Gene)
ATP5JGeneProduct522 (Entrez Gene)
ATP5LGeneProduct10632 (Entrez Gene)
ATP5OGeneProduct539 (Entrez Gene)
ATP5SGeneProduct27109 (Entrez Gene)
ATP6GeneProduct4508 (Entrez Gene)
ATP6AP1GeneProduct537 (Entrez Gene)
ATP6AP2GeneProduct10159 (Entrez Gene)
ATPMetaboliteHMDB0000538 (HMDB)
B13GeneProduct4698 (Entrez Gene)
B14.5aGeneProduct4701 (Entrez Gene)
B14.5bGeneProduct4718 (Entrez Gene)
B14GeneProduct4700 (Entrez Gene)
B15GeneProduct4710 (Entrez Gene)
B17GeneProduct4712 (Entrez Gene)
B18GeneProduct4713 (Entrez Gene)
B22GeneProduct4715 (Entrez Gene)
B9GeneProduct4696 (Entrez Gene)
CI-42KDGeneProduct4705 (Entrez Gene)
CI-51kDGeneProduct4723 (Entrez Gene)
CI-75KdGeneProduct4719 (Entrez Gene)
CI-SGDHGeneProduct4707 (Entrez Gene)
CI-SGDHGeneProduct4711 (Entrez Gene)
FASN2AGeneProduct4706 (Entrez Gene)
GZMBGeneProduct3002 (Entrez Gene)
HydrogenMetaboliteCHEBI:15378 (ChEBI)
KFYIGeneProduct4717 (Entrez Gene)
MT-ATP6GeneProductENSG00000198899 (Ensembl)
MT-ATP8GeneProductENSG00000198744 (Ensembl)
NADHMetaboliteHMDB0001487 (HMDB)
NADMetaboliteHMDB0000902 (HMDB)
ND1GeneProduct4535 (Entrez Gene)
ND2GeneProduct4536 (Entrez Gene)
ND3GeneProduct4537 (Entrez Gene)
ND4GeneProduct4538 (Entrez Gene)
ND4LGeneProduct4539 (Entrez Gene)
ND5GeneProduct4540 (Entrez Gene)
ND6GeneProduct4541 (Entrez Gene)
NDUFA11GeneProduct126328 (Entrez Gene)
NDUFA2GeneProduct4695 (Entrez Gene)
NDUFA4GeneProduct4697 (Entrez Gene)
NDUFA8GeneProduct4702 (Entrez Gene)
NDUFA9GeneProduct4704 (Entrez Gene)
NDUFB10GeneProduct4716 (Entrez Gene)
NDUFB2GeneProduct4708 (Entrez Gene)
NDUFB4GeneProduct4710 (Entrez Gene)
NDUFS2GeneProduct4720 (Entrez Gene)
NDUFS3GeneProduct4722 (Entrez Gene)
NDUFS5GeneProduct4725 (Entrez Gene)
NDUFS6GeneProduct4726 (Entrez Gene)
NDUFS7GeneProduct374291 (Entrez Gene)
NDUFS8GeneProduct4728 (Entrez Gene)
NDUFV2GeneProduct4729 (Entrez Gene)
NDUFV3GeneProduct4731 (Entrez Gene)
NUOMSGeneProduct56901 (Entrez Gene)

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