Response to acute ibuprofen exposure (Daphnia magna)

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1Starch andsucrosemetabolismCarbohydratemetabolism1,2 DiacylglycerolGlyPamyAGlycolysisFructose andmannosemetabolismEnoMANALipidmetabolismGlycerolipidmetabolismLipFatty acidmetabolismACSGlycerophospholipidmetabolismCTPPhospahtidylcholineGPXEicosanoidmetabolismCOXLtb4dhACSPPAR signallingpathwayFABP3RXRVDAC2Calcium signallingpathwaySignaltransduction


Pathway that describes the biological response found in Daphnia magna after exposure to ibuprofen. Warning: Gene identifiers are based on the full names in the Additional File 1 as the article does not contains accession numbers for the Daphnia genes. Search in Ensembl returned on several occasions multiple potential hits where one was randomly selected.

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  1. Heckmann LH, Sibly RM, Connon R, Hooper HL, Hutchinson TH, Maund SJ, Hill CJ, Bouetard A, Callaghan A; ''Systems biology meets stress ecology: linking molecular and organismal stress responses in Daphnia magna.''; Genome Biol, 2008 PubMed Europe PMC Scholia


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
1,2 DiacylglycerolMetaboliteCHEBI:49172 (ChEBI)
ACSGeneProductAPZ42_024578 (Ensembl)
EnoGeneProductAPZ42_018388 (Ensembl)
FABP3GeneProductAPZ42_014858 (Ensembl)
GPXGeneProductAPZ42_030648 (Ensembl)
GlyPGeneProductAPZ42_020436 (Ensembl)
LipGeneProductAPZ42_029151 (Ensembl)
MANAGeneProductAPZ42_024669 (Ensembl)
PhospahtidylcholineMetaboliteCHEBI:64482 (ChEBI)
VDAC2GeneProductAPZ42_018910 (Ensembl)
amyAGeneProductAPZ42_021009 (Ensembl)

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