Vitamin A and carotenoid metabolism (Homo sapiens)

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13-15Nuclear receptorsROL-binding proteinsRhodopsin formationDietRA-binding proteins11-cis binding proteinROL=retinol; RAL=retinaldehyde, RA = retinoic acid, RE = retinyl ester, RPE = retinal pigment epithelium chylomicronNucleusLiver/other organs?RE + dietary lipids?RE + dietary lipidsgap junction communicationEnterocyte?PPAR pathways?Cytochrome P450 familyRE + dietary lipidsBlood?Retinal pigment epithelium specific?Rdh5Bcmo1Adh4Beta-CryptoxanthinRXRgLycopeneLratCd36Abcg8Dhrs3Bcdo2Retinol dehydrogenasesSult1a1Lrat11-cis-RetinolRbp7LuteinAldh1a1Rbp2MAPK4-oxo-Retinoic acidall-transe 4-oxo RAScarb1LplBetacaroteneRlbp1Aldh1a311-cis-RetinalRbp4Rbp1Adh1all-trans Retinoic acidVitamin A acidRdh5ARATAldh1a3Vitamin D3Sult2b1BetacaroteneAwatCrabp1Crabp2Aldh1a2AstaxanthinRetinalVitamin A aldehydeCyp26b1RetsatBetacaroteneRXRaCyp26a113,14 dehydroretinalRetinyl esterAll-trans-13,14-dihydroretinolAldh1a2RXRbNpc1l1RARbRPE65Alpha-CaroteneViolaxanthinRdh12Scarb1CanthaxanthinRARaRARg9-cis-Retinoic acidZeaxanthinAldh1a1Betacaroteneall-trans RetinalRdh8Abcg59-cis-Retinol13,14 dehydro RAall-trans RetinolVitamin ABcmo1Rdh12Cyp2e1Retinyl esterRetinolVitamin Abeta 10' apocorotenalBcmo1Rdh109-cis-RetinalRetinolVitamin A1, 8, 9, 123, 4, 6, 7, 11...2, 55, 10, 16


This pathway is about carotenoid and vitamin A metabolism. The initial version was created by the NuGO focusteam on Carotenoid metabolism. It was used to test a text mining workflow which added some additional entities (see Waagmeester et al. 2009).

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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
11-cis-RetinalMetaboliteHMDB02152 (HMDB)
11-cis-RetinolMetaboliteHMDB06216 (HMDB)
13,14 dehydro RAMetabolite
13,14 dehydroretinalMetabolite
4-oxo-Retinoic acidMetaboliteHMDB06285 (HMDB)
9-cis-RetinalMetaboliteHMDB06218 (HMDB)
9-cis-Retinoic acidMetaboliteHMDB02369 (HMDB)
9-cis-RetinolMetaboliteHMDB06217 (HMDB)
ARATProtein2.3.1.76 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
Abcg564240 (Entrez Gene)
Abcg864241 (Entrez Gene)
Adh1GeneProduct124 (Entrez Gene)
Adh4GeneProduct127 (Entrez Gene)
Aldh1a1GeneProduct216 (Entrez Gene)
Aldh1a2GeneProduct8854 (Entrez Gene)
Aldh1a3220 (Entrez Gene)
All-trans-13,14-dihydroretinolMetaboliteHMDB11618 (HMDB)
Alpha-CaroteneMetaboliteHMDB03993 (HMDB)
AstaxanthinMetaboliteHMDB02204 (HMDB)
AwatGeneProduct158835 (Entrez Gene)
Bcdo2GeneProduct83875 (Entrez Gene)
Bcmo1GeneProduct53630 (Entrez Gene)
Beta-CryptoxanthinMetaboliteHMDB02268 (HMDB)
BetacaroteneMetaboliteHMDB00561 (HMDB)
CanthaxanthinMetaboliteHMDB03154 (HMDB)
Cd36948 (Entrez Gene)
Crabp1GeneProduct1381 (Entrez Gene)
Crabp2GeneProduct1382 (Entrez Gene)
Cyp26a11592 (Entrez Gene)
Cyp26b156603 (Entrez Gene)
Cyp2e11571 (Entrez Gene)
Dhrs3GeneProduct9249 (Entrez Gene)
Lpl4023 (Entrez Gene)
LratGeneProductENSG00000121207 (Ensembl)
LuteinMetaboliteHMDB03233 (HMDB)
LycopeneMetaboliteHMDB03000 (HMDB)
MAPKGeneProduct2.7.11.24 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
Npc1l129881 (Entrez Gene)
RARa5914 (Entrez Gene)
RARb5915 (Entrez Gene)
RARg5916 (Entrez Gene)
RPE656121 (Entrez Gene)
RXRa6256 (Entrez Gene)
RXRb6257 (Entrez Gene)
RXRg6258 (Entrez Gene)
Rbp1GeneProduct5947 (Entrez Gene)
Rbp2GeneProduct5948 (Entrez Gene)
Rbp4GeneProduct5950 (Entrez Gene)
Rbp7GeneProduct116362 (Entrez Gene)
Rdh10157506 (Entrez Gene)
Rdh12145226 (Entrez Gene)
Rdh5GeneProduct5959 (Entrez Gene)
Rdh850700 (Entrez Gene)
Retinal Vitamin A aldehydeMetaboliteHMDB01358 (HMDB)
Retinol Vitamin AMetaboliteHMDB00305 (HMDB)
Retinol dehydrogenasesGeneProduct1.1.1.105 (Enzyme Nomenclature)
Retinyl esterMetaboliteHMDB03598 (HMDB)
RetsatGeneProduct54884 (Entrez Gene)
Rlbp16017 (Entrez Gene)
Scarb1949 (Entrez Gene)
Sult1a16817 (Entrez Gene)
Sult2b16820 (Entrez Gene)
ViolaxanthinMetaboliteHMDB03101 (HMDB)
Vitamin D3MetaboliteHMDB00876 (HMDB)
ZeaxanthinMetaboliteHMDB02789 (HMDB)
all-trans RetinalMetaboliteHMDB01358 (HMDB)
all-trans Retinoic acid Vitamin A acidMetaboliteHMDB01852 (HMDB)
all-trans Retinol Vitamin AMetaboliteHMDB00305 (HMDB)
all-transe 4-oxo RAMetabolite
beta 10' apocorotenalMetabolite

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